Through our various programmes and services available throughout the UK, we can reach out to parents, practitioners and the children with speech and language difficulties.

I CAN Help Enquiry Service

Got a burning question about a child’s speech and language development? You can always book a call with one of our speech and language specialists for advice and guidance.

Call 020 7843 2544 to arrange a free phone call from one of I CAN's speech and language therapists, or you can email your questions to

Talking Point

The Talking Point website has loads of great free resources to help parents and carers of children with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN), including a Progress Checker.


Our two outstanding special schools, Meath in Surrey and Dawn House in Nottinghamshire, are at the core of our efforts supporting children who have severe and complex speech, language and communication needs.



We train up practitioners from all over the UK so they can deliver vital support and interventions to children and young people in their communities.