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Shhhhh! It’s a riot being quiet!

About I CAN's Sponsored Silence

About I CAN's Sponsored Silence

Can you imagine living your day-to-day life, struggling to communicate?  For one million children in the UK this is a reality and often means that they will get left out and left behind in life.  I CAN's sponsored silence is a great way of raising money to help children who struggle to communicate, whilst helping to emphasise what it is like to live with a speech, language and communication difficulty.

Taking part couldn't be easier:

  1. Pick a day and time period to hold your Sponsored Silence
  2.  Tell everyone about your Sponsored Silence and ask. Start raising money

Sponsored Silence at school

I CAN's Sponsored Silence is a great way for Primary School children to get involved with a fun activity that will help them to understand what life is like for children who struggle to communicate, while also learning valuable new skills. By taking part in I CAN's Sponsored Silence children will learn to empathise and develop an understanding of their friends who may struggle. After participating in the Silence, everyone will appreciate how important it is to be able to talk and be understood.

Children will have a great time challenging themselves to stay quiet for as long as possible and using their own creativity to find new ways to communicate. You might even have some peace and quiet too!

How the Sponsored Silence helps teachers and students

  • The Silence helps focus attention on the importance of communication skills within the school.
  • It helps children experience for themselves the challenges of not being able to talk and the importance of developing good speaking and listening skills.

Sponsored Silence at work!

Why not challenge the office chatterbox to keep quiet for the day, or perhaps you want to silence your senior managers?  You could even ban the office from using popular corporate buzz words.  There are plenty of ways in which your office can get involved with the sponsored silence, whilst raising vital funds to help children who struggle to communicate.

I CAN needs your help

Communication difficulties affect more children than most people realise. Without support children are left out and left behind. I CAN relies on initiatives like the Sponsored Silence to help these children and their families.

How to donate your fundraising

  • Post us a cheque addressed to "I CAN" with your name, contact details and address to: Sponsored Silence, I CAN, 31 Angel Gate, London, EC1V 2PT or make a donation online here