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Active Parents

Helen Stephenson ran the Virgin London Marathon for I CAN in 2010

"My own unique motivation comes from a very personal cause that is very close to my heart. Since 2003 my son Richard has attended I CAN's Dawn House School. I CAN is a Children's Communication Charity that aims to ensure that no child is left behind because of a difficulty speaking or listening. As a national charity this is an impressive aim, as 1 in 10 Children in the UK have communication difficulties.

My son has Aspergers Syndrome and as such requires additional help with his language and communication skills. During his years at Dawn House, Richard has progressed into a happy, confident young man, and I strongly believe that this is because of I CAN, who have my greatest thanks.

This is why I decided to run in the virgin London Marathon in 2010. My friend Linda and I loved the whole process from training, fundraising to the race day itself. Not to mention that I CAN's events team were always ready with support and handy tips. I CAN really made us feel like they appreciated our hard work, putting the cherry on top of an already special day.

At the time my husband Robert stood with the charity’s cheering team, and was so inspired by the spectacle and atmosphere of the day he wants to run by my side for our next marathon. Linda, Robert and I are all expecting to smash our fundraising target and are more than proud to run for I CAN, and their cause, again."

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