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Our parental inquiry is open: share your experiences of speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) support

As part of Bercow: Ten Years On, we have now launched the next phase of evidence gathering to inform the report. We want to hear from parents and carers about their experience of support for children with SLCN.

Many parents have already shared their views:

We want to make sure we hear from many more parents and carers. There are two ways to take part and share your views.

If you are a parent:

We would like to hear about your current experiences of support for your child’s difficulty with speech, language and communication. Support could be from a speech and language therapist, or other experts like advisory teachers. It could also be the way that staff in your child’s early years setting, school or college/training provider work with them. Fill in this short survey to share your views.

If you are a practitioner:

We would like to make sure we capture the views of all parents and carers, including those who may not normally complete a questionnaire or who may need extra help. We have designed an activity pack for parents and carers to respond in a practical way, with the support of a familiar practitioner. If you would like to complete the questionnaire with a parent please download a pack suitable for the age of the child: early years; primary; secondary and beyond. The parent’s response can be uploaded by you to the survey here.


Our practitioner inquiry is still open: share your experiences of speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) support

Our online survey, aimed mainly at people who work with children with SLCN, or who have responsibility for providing services will be open until June 2017.

We invite you to take part in two activities:

To give us important information about views on the support children with SLCN are getting, and the scale of the issue, we are asking everyone who works with children and young people, including employers and those who are responsible for delivering services, to complete our short survey. Follow this link to our survey.