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For the past 60 years I CAN has worked to ensure that children can communicate to the best of their ability.

Milestones in I CAN's work with children's speech, language and communication

1958 - John Horniman School opened as a school for children (5-11) with speech and language disorders
1974 - Dawn House School opened as a school for children (5-11) with speech and language disorders
1982 - Meath School opened as school for children with SLCN
mid 80's - I CAN research centre in Manchester was set up
1988 - Dawn House secondary department
1994 - Training centre opened in Weybridge offering specialist courses in speech and language difficulties
1980's-2000's - Annual conferences initially hosted at the schools
1992 - Salisbury specialist I CAN Early Years centre opened
1995 - First I CAN secondary language resource opened at Altwood School, Maidenhead
1998 - Network of (initially 20) Specialist Early Years centres established
2001 - I CAN's Chatterbox Challenge launched
2001 - Joint Professional Development Framework (JPDF) published
2003 - Talking Point website launched by HRH Countess of Wessex at BT Tower
2004 - I CAN's mission shifted to include a focus on all children's speech, language and communication
2004 - Launch of I CAN Early Talk training and accreditation
2004 - Dawn House School FE department opened
2005 - Learning Resource centre developed at Dyers buildings
2006 - Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS) Charity of the Year partner funded I CAN's Early Talk into 200 children's centres
2006 - I CAN Talk discussion paper The Cost to the Nation of Children's Poor Communication published, Make Chatter Matter campaign
2006 - Bill Harrison Assessment Centre opened, Meath School
2007 - Launch of I CAN Primary Talk training and accreditation
2007 - Bill Harrison Assessment Centre opened, Dawn House School
2007 - The Communication Trust founded
2008 - Bercow Review of Services for children and young people (0-19) with SLCN
2010 - Million Lost Voices appeal
2011 - I CAN Secondary Talk launched at I CAN/City University Lost for Words conference
2011 - Hello – the National Year of Communication
2012 - A Chance to Talk report published and Talk Boost launched

Today we work with:

Over 120 Local Authorities
Nearly 1,000 schools
Nearly 600 Licensees
Over 100 partners