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Communication Ambassadors
Spread The Word.

Communication Ambassadors

The Communication Ambassadors project was established with The Communication Trust in 2011. Since its inception over 830 volunteers have been trained as Ambassadors for children's speech, language and communication.

To carry out this project we team up with children centres, local authorities and speech and language services to recruit and train volunteer teams who then spread the word to their local networks, through informal conversations and local events.

The ambassadors have been hugely successful at spreading the information to communities that have traditionally been considered 'hard to reach' as well as reaching many families with concerns over their children's speech and language development.

By March 2013 our team of Ambassadors had reported reaching over 23,000 families in the most disadvantaged areas of England and Wales. Sharing vital information and raising awareness of how children's language develops and where to go for help if there is a problem.

The success of the latest round of the project is largely due to the creativity and enthusiasm of the volunteers themselves, as well as the commitment and work of the local partners, who were responsible for establishing the project in their local area.

Next Steps

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