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Donating unwanted shares to I CAN via ShareGift allows us to help children in the UK with speech, language and communication needs.


What is ShareGift?

ShareGift exists to provide a solution to the problem of unwanted shares.  So if you possess any unwanted shares, consider using ShareGift.  It is an easy way to donate to a good cause. Since their beginning in 1996, millions of pounds have been given to various charities.  ShareGift works with shareholders, companies, stockbrokers, solicitors, financial advisers and charities across the UK to solve the problem of worthless odd lots of shares, and to raise the profile of this unique way of charitable giving.  Often, shares can cost more to sell than they are worth.  As long as you still have the details of the shareholding, even if the share certificate has been misplaced, donation is still possible.

How does this support I CAN?

Donors are welcome to suggest a charity when handing over their shares. By telling ShareGift that you want your donation to go to I CAN, the charity will benefit. Even small holdings of shares are worthwhile, as every donation makes a difference for I CAN. Once shares are accumulated, the value can be substantial. ShareGift does not charge you or us for this transfer.

What will donations be used for?

Donating your unwanted shares to I CAN via ShareGift allows us to help children in the UK who need support with speech, language and communication skills.  I CAN is the UK's leading children's communication charity and is expert at providing information, advice, training and support to practitioners working with children and young people.  Our experts develop and test evidence-based programmes that give parents and those who work with children the knowledge and skills to understand and support communication development. Currently, we have a number of programmes in place to achieve the goal of improving the lives of children with communication difficulties. Donations allow us to continue running and improve upon the programmes already in place, as well as to start up new, potentially valuable projects.

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