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Hear the famous words 3, 2, 1, Bungee and take the leap of faith for the ultimate thrill!

Bungee Jump

Date: Any date that suits you!

Location: UK Wide

Experience the undeniable adrenaline rush of one of the world's most exciting activities – Bungee Jumping! Raise money for I CAN whilst taking to the skies and taking the leap of faith into the air after hearing the famous words, 3, 2, 1, Bungee! The incomparable and ultimate thrill of bungee jumping will have your heart racing as you fall towards the surface below only to experience the excitement of being pulled back towards the sky!

I CAN have teamed up with Big Bang Promotions and the UK Bungee Club to offer you this amazing experience at various locations around the UK. UK Bungee Club has been organising commercial bungee jumping in Britain since 1992 and is the market leader for Bunjee Jumping in the UK. With permanent venues nationwide they now operate bungee jumps from both fixed structures and cranes. With the UK's only bridge bungee jump (Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge), the UK's only indoor venue and regular jump heights from 160ft to 400ft, the UK Bungee Club has unparalleled experience and an excellent safety record.

Book your bungee jump now!

1. Choose your date and location

Visit UK Bungee Club's website and choose an event from those listed.

2. Choose your jump

  • Single – normal bungee jump on your own
  • Tandem – you and a friend jump together on the same rope face to face
  • FAB – undertake two jumps in one day, one 'normal' forward facing jump and one disorientating backwards facing jump

3. Book your jump and pay

Click book now and follow the eight step process. Make sure that you tick the 'charity jump' box and choose 'I CAN' as your chosen charity

4. Start Fundraising!

Once you have booked we will send you your fundraising pack so you can get started.

Jump for Free

If you raise over £250 the bungee jump will cost you nothing. Please contact us for more information.

Please note that due to the nature of bungee jumping certain restrictions may apply. For more details, download 

UK Bungee Club's Health Warning Notice.

Registration fee: £50 - £75

Minimum sponsorship:  £250

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