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Becoming a Primary Talk Licensed Mentor

What is Primary Talk?

Primary Talk is a training* and accreditation programme that supports the communication development of all primary aged children, including those with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN). Primary Talk has been shown to have a substantial impact on classroom practice and can help schools improve pupil outcomes.

*To find out more about Primary Talk accreditation programme , take a look at Becoming a Primary Talk Licensed Mentor

What is Primary Talk Accreditation?

Primary Talk Accreditation is a tool for whole school improvement. It provides “Good Practice Indicators” to help schools review their provision and identify areas to develop further, with practical ideas for ways of supporting this development in order to create an environment that improves language and communication skills for all children.

As a result of this development schools will be able to demonstrate improved outcomes for all children. This evidence is submitted to the I CAN Accreditation panel to gain accredited status.

I CAN accredited schools have clearly shown that they are capable of providing effective school based provision for all children including those with speech, language and communication needs.

For more information about the Primary Talk Accreditation programme click here

What does a Primary Talk Mentor do?

  • Provides mentoring to schools working towards Accreditation
  • Explains the Accreditation process to school staff
  • Supports and guides the whole school audit and subsequent action planning
  • Provides staff training or advise to schools on what sort of training might be useful to meet their needs. Many Mentors are also Tutors licensed to deliver Primary Talk training
  • Guides schools on use of outcome measures in order to demonstrate the impact of their whole school development and on how to complete the Evidence Form for Accreditation
  • Licensed Mentors shall use their best endeavours to mentor as many schools as possible

The amount of support for schools is up to the individual Mentor. Schools typically take 3-4 terms for their whole school development and preparation for accreditation.

Skills Criteria

To become a Primary Talk Mentor you will be one of the following:

  • An experienced teacher with knowledge of speech, language and communication and of training adults
  • A Speech and Language Therapist with experience training adults and of working in schools

All Licensed Mentors will need to have experience of training and coaching staff in schools and supporting on-going whole-school development.

Primary Talk Mentor Training Overview

Primary Talk Mentor training is a one day course taking approximately five hours and covers both levels of Primary Talk Accreditation (Supportive and Enhanced).

The training will guide you through the Accreditation process, the requirements for Accreditation at both levels and ways of supporting whole school development in schools.

Training is held at I CAN central office in central London. Training can be arranged in your local area if you can arrange a cohort of six who meet the Primary Talk Mentor criteria.


Primary Talk Supporting and Enhancing Communication Mentor training, inclusive of resources is £200.

Annual Licence Fee is £60*

*The licence fee is charged with your training cost and payable thereafter annually (License period 01 April -31st March). This covers all I CAN licences that you hold.

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