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Primary Talk in Ditcheat Primary School

Ditcheat Primary School were looking for a way to raise the profile of speech, language and communication in their school, in a way that benefitted all pupils. With the full support of the Headteacher, the governors and all the staff they participated in the pilot of the Primary Talk programme at supportive level.

All staff received Primary Talk training and support on how to implement what they had learned. The school’s Primary Talk coordinator made sure that staff reflected on their learning and shared their practice with each other, ensuring that speech, language and communication were embedded throughout the school day.

The impact on the whole school became very evident to see, and three years on it still is. The pupils are happy to talk at school, and equally happy to ask questions if they don’t understand. There is a culture of talking in the school that means no classroom is silent. The Primary Talk programme has helped teachers and staff to be reflective in their practice and they understand the importance of speech, language and communication for learning. They have noticed that pupils are more confident in their learning and their communication skills. The Primary Talk training has also helped teaching staff to become more skilled and confident at identifying pupils with speech, language and communication needs and they now realise how common these difficulties are.

Through the Primary Talk programme and accreditation, Ditcheat Primary achieved "more than they could have hoped". The embedding of communication supportive practice in the school means that the benefits continue to be seen by all staff and pupils 3 years on.

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