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 What is the I CAN Licensee Network?

Since 2012 I CAN has trained over 500 professionals to deliver I CAN evidence based programmes and interventions in early years settings, primary and secondary schools across the UK. This network helps us to reach more children and young people giving them the support they need when and where it is needed most.

Are you an I CAN Licensee?

We have a dedicated website for all I CAN Licensees. This contains lots of useful information that will help you in your work delivering I CAN tutoring and mentoring. Please log in here to view the website content.

What is an I CAN Licensee?

An I CAN Licensee is trained and licensed to deliver one or more of I CAN's training and accreditation programmes to schools or settings recruited by the Licensee. We ask Licensees to have some outreach capacity within their workload to deliver training or to mentor local schools and settings.

Licensees can either charge for training or offer it for free. All schools and settings must purchase the required training resources from I CAN.

Licensees can be experienced Speech and Language Therapists (SLTs), experienced Teachers (those with equivalent QTS) or Educational Psychologists.

Benefits of being an I CAN Licensee

• Opportunity to start and/or build your own business

• Income generation opportunities for you or your organisation

• Opportunity to develop relationships with local authorities and settings/schools in your area

• Help I CAN to reach many more children and young people

• Contribute to supporting children and young people’s communication skills across the UK

• Opportunitity for continued professional development (CPD)

• Access to continued support from I CAN staff as well as access to our Licensee website and exclusive Licensee community including Licensee Facebook Group

• A lifetime Licensee discount on shop products

I CAN Licensed Tutors are highly qualified and experienced in children’s speech, language and communication development and are licensed to deliver I CAN's training to enable practitioners to successfully implement our programmes and interventions.

I CAN Licensed Mentor

I CAN Licensed Mentors are highly qualified and experienced in children’s speech, language and communication development and in supporting school development. Our Mentors provide specialist support to a school or setting as they go through the process of becoming I CAN Accredited or gaining a Good Practice Validation award.

Next Steps

Decide which I CAN Licensee programmes you would like to become licensed in and check you meet the skills criteria.

Choose a convenient date for training here. Do not book onto any course at this stage. If you would like to be trained as a Licensee for a programme not listed in our upcoming training, please get in touch.

Complete an online application form here.

We will be in touch via email to confirm if your application has been accepted.


Book onto the training you wish to attend